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What is going on?


hehe lost have a good shower then!

and jajka,stop also with the excuses,u can always find a way to practise,sing it,read it,write it and again say it...visit no slovaks chats and so on...dont ever stop to educate youself,dont let your brqain fall asleep :-)
and now good night...till soon :-)


lost - cleaning my teeth right now :DD
well this is also good way to improve, no, get my english abilities back


:)))) jaja thankx i would love to. but i can find no use for my english in my work, unfortunately. maybe, maybe in future :)


jaja39, many thanks :)

perhaps, we are just very strict in self assessment :)))

oh myyy, is it really so late ?
i just need to take shower sooner than my parents realise i did not take any yet, coz they are going to kill me :D

so, I'll be back B-)


jajka and lost:
you both have a great english,well at least what i could see here,but unfortunatelly both of u belong to that typical slovak character of underestimating and not believe in you stop with it and be proud of yourself and show what u got baby!!! :-))


thank you :)
well, there was one school, but, i did not pay any attention at all :D
but i was pretending i do :D


jaja39, excellent ideas :)
and I agree with everything you have said :)

sometimes i also use this tool:
helps when im confused about pronunciation :)


RUSH, good? :D heh, if it is really good, then thank you :)

well, firstly from PC games :D
like: start game, load/save game :D
but then, movies, serials, then chats with non-slovaks online friends, it was like chatting 8 hours a day, or even more, with some pauses between of course, and then one huge part of it was from online english forums, such as, but in english :)
chatting like that for 3-4 years :)

i simply love to watch movies in English, becuase it is more natural, it is like watching czech movies in czech and not slovak, it was difficult at first, but today, i can understand like 95% of the of the Egnlish speech, and the rest 3% I can simply imagine, what it could mean, and the rest two percents are, let's say, expendable :D

but, i would like to, and evenutally i will :) master English :) but maybe in couple of months.. and then, then French, German, Spanish, perhaps even Italiano, and more :D

must feel so great to start talking in french to some south african person, it's more likely they will understand FR.. but it is going to be a LOOOOT of work :D

Do you also learn English ?