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Articles of association

§1 - The Name and Seat of the Organisation

1. The name of the Organisation is „Slovenska liga boja proti hypertenzii“ [The Slovak League of Fight Against Hypertension], shortly the SHL.
2. The seat of the SHL is Martin

§2 - Goals of the Organisation

1. The main goal of the SHL is the reduction of illnessness and mortality caused by hypertension. For this purpose the organisation will support the realisation of precaution which are aimed against high blood pressure among people of Slovak Republic. Such precaution include:
1.1 the support of the despitage by patients with hypertension.
1.2 the coordination of the prevention, diagnosis and cure of hypertension by pregradual and postgradual education of physicians.
1.3 Clarifying the risks of HBP for life, health and the optimal quality of life and the activity in education leading to a healthy way of life.
1.4 Providing consiliar services in diagnosis and cure of hypertension
1.5 Giving impulses and research plans in the field of prevention, diagnosis and cure of hypertension, including testing new medicaments against hypertension.
1.6 It will take care of exchange of experience with other Slovak and foreign scientific societies.
1.7 It will organise and manage scientific sessions of the SHL. The representatives of the SHL will take part in activities of the World Hypertension League , the International and Europe Hypertension Societies and maintain work contacts with them.

General Provisions
2. The members of the SHL pay a membership fee once a year. This amount is designated by the annual member`s session on the proposal of the Executive Office. These means will be used on aims designated by the statutes. The fee is not given back to the members whose membership ends and they have no rights for the property of the SHL.
2.1 the SHL realises tasks, or can give power to others for realising tasks which are connected exlusively with aims of the organisation and only those can be honoured.
2.2 When the SHL is splitted or cancelled its property is forwarded to the Slovak Cardiological Society or to its successor that will use it only for the purposes designated in the statutes of the SHL.

§3 - The Origin of the Membership

The membership in the SHL originates by the approval at the EO of the SHL. When the apllication is rejected the EO is not oblidged to explain the reasons for its decision.

3.1 The membership base of the SHL consits of: doctors, pharmaceuts, psychologists, experts in the field of nutrition, scientifists in the field of h., ecologists, socilogists, nurses, students of medicin
3.2 The members of the SHL can also be persons or representatives of the organisations which in some way are willing to support the aims of the SHL. Such persons include:
3.2.1 the representatives of government, parliament, town, village, lawyers, economists, sponsors, people working in pharmaceutical companies, church, massmedia, school system, physical education, people angaged in education, patients with hypertension.

§4 - The extinction of the membership

4.1 The membership in the SHL expires:
4.1.1 by the death of a member of the SHL or by the extinction of legal entity
4.1.2 by voluntary vacation
4.1.3 by exclusion from the SHL
4.2 Voluntary vacation is possible at any time and follows after written notification to the EO of the SHL
4.3 The member of the SHL can be excluded from the org. Because of serious reasons upon a decision of the EO of the org. He is enabled to make a personal or written statement to this decision. The decision of exclusion is annouced to the member in written form

§5 - Membership Fee

The members are obliged to pay a membership fee. The amount of this fee is set by the General Assembly on the proposal of the EO.

§6.The Bodies of the SHL

The bodies of the SHL are:
6.1. The Executive Board
6.2. The Executive Office
6.3 The General Assembly of members or their elected representatives

§7 - The Executive Board

7.1 The EB consists of 7 people. 5 of them are clinically or scientifically active in the field of hypertension. Out of its middle it elects:

- the chairman
- the deputy chairman
- the scientific secretary

The EB issues a standing order, takes common responsibility for the activities of the SHL, attorneys individual members of the Board with particular activities, determines their duties and competencies.
7.2 The legal and off - legal aspect of the SHL will be represented by the chairman or the deputy chairman in case of absence of the chairman.
7.3 The members of the EB are not paid in their function. The expenses caused by performing any tasks connected with the function in the SHL will be paid to the member in particular extent according to submitted documents.

§8 - Power and Competencies of the EB

The EB is authorized by all competencies related to the SHL except competencies that are given to other body of the SHL according to the statutes. The EB performs following tasks:

1. Planning goals of the SHL designated in §2 of the statutes
2. Organizing the General Assemblies of the members of the SHL
3. Preparing working programs and financial budget for the ordinary calendar year
4. To compose annual proposal of the activities
5. Conclude and cancel working agreements
6. Inform about activities of the EB of the SHL
7. Decide of the acceptation or exclusion of members of the SHL

§9 - The Time of Performing of the EB

The members of the EB are elected for 5 years starting with the day of the elections. They are working till next elections. The members of the SHL are electable when they agree to elect them into the EO.
9.2 If a member of the EB during electoral term stops performing the function he will be substituted

§10 - Resolutions and Decisions of the EB

10.1 The EB accepts its resolutions and decisions at the session which are summoned by the chairman in written form, by phone or fax, at least a month before the date of event. The chairmanship is quorate when at least 4 members of the chairmanship are present including the chairman or deputy chairman if he is authorized by the chairman to act during his absence. In case of different opinions the majority of votes is relevant by the developing of resolutions. In case of equality of votes the vote of the chairman is relevant.
10.2. The session of the EB are kept in form of a minute. Each member of the EB obtain a copy of the minute.

§11 - The Executive Office

11.1. The EO consists of 12 members – doctors and patients who help spreading the ideas of the SHL. The members of the EO are elected by the GA for 3 years starting with the day of elections. The member of the EO stays in this panel till next elections. It is not forbidden to reelect a member one more time.

11.2. The task of the EO is to submit proposals on the managing of the SHL to the chairmanship. It receives the reports of the activities of the SHL from the chairmanship submitted at least once a year. These reports are submitted to the members of the SHL too.

11.3 The session of the EO takes part at least once a year. It is summoned by the chairmanship either in written form or by phone resp. by fax at least two weeks before the date of event. The EO is obliged to have a meeting if at least more than half of the members of the EO ask the chairmanship of the SHL in written form.

11.4. All the members of the chairmanship can join a session of the EO and they have right to participate at the discussion. All members are notified of the meeting of the EO.

11.5. The meeting of the EO is managed by the chairman of the SHL or a person authorized by him.

11.6. The EO is quorate if there is at least more than half members of the EO at the session. The substitution of a member of the EO at the session is not possible.

11.7. A minute is taken after every session of the EO. The original remains at the chairman of the SHL and the copies are sent to all members of the EO.

11.8. If a member of the EO stops performing his function , he will be substituted by a person who had the highest number of votes at the elections.

11.9. The elections are realized in written form.

11.10. The EO controls the activity of the EB.

§12 - General Assembly

12.1. GA takes place regularly at least once a year. It is managed by the chairman of the SHL It is summoned at least a month before the date of event.

12.2. The competencies of GA are:
a) approvement of a plan of activities for the next year submitted by the EB
b) the plan of activity for the next year
c) election and retirement of the members of EB and EO
d) decision about changes in statutes and extinction of the SHL

§13 - Resolution of the SHL

13.1. Each member has one valid voice at the GA. The election right is untransferable.
13.2. The chairman at the GA designates the way of voting. If more than one third of the members present at the GA ask for secret voting, voting will be realized in written form.
13.3 GA is quorate when there is at least a third of its members. If first session is not quorate, the chairman summons second one hour later on the same day. The program of the second session will be the same and it will be quorate regardless on the number of members present.
13.4. GA accepts its resolutions by more than half of votes. Two thirds of votes are necessary to change the statutes and four fifths to extinct the SHL. The same number of votes is needed for changing the goals of the SHL.

§14 - Additional resolutions of standing order

Each member can propose to the chairman at last a month before the performing of annual meeting additional points to be integrated at the session. The chairman announces this at the day of performing the GA.

§15 - Extraordinary meeting of the GA

The chairman of the SHL or in case of his absence the authorized deputy chairman can summon the session of the members if at least a third of the members ask for it in written form. The reason of summoning the session must be mentioned. The rules of summoning a session are given in previous paragraphs.

§16 - Elections

The list of candidates of the members of the EB is sent to all members of the SHL. They choose from these candidates two times more candidates than the supposed number of members of the EO and EB. The members of the EO and EB are then elected out of them. A half is proposed by the members, the other half is proposed by previous EO. The list of candidates is sent in closed envelope signed by the member to the seat of the SHL. The votes are counted by the Electoral Board which is established on annual session and which presents the results of elections to the rest of the members of the SHL.

16.1. There is a minute taken from each GA

Bratislava, January 31st, 1994


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